B-Trust Kick-Off Meeting

diciembre 6, 2023 admin Comments Off

Brussels, BE — December 5th and 6th marked the launch and presentation of the pioneering European project, B-Trust, during a two-day event in Brussels.

Aligned with the EU Bioeconomy Strategy and the Green Deal goals, the main objective of the B-Trust project is to develop a transparent and inclusive governance model in order to overcome public distrust and industry hesitancy, enabling the application of biotechnology in the bio-based and agri-food sector. More specifically, the aim of the project is to inform and create transparency related to consumer and environmental safety, to leverage engagement from citizens and other stakeholders, and to develop and exchange best practices.

B-Trust, rooted in a Theory of Change to steer towards tangible impact and utilising co-creation trajectories, positions itself as a catalyst, bridging the gap between the potential of industrial biotechnology and its real-world impact on sustainable development, empowering citizens/consumers, public authorities, policy makers, researchers, and investors to participate actively in the co-creation of biotech solutions.